The first dog, which is highly admired, and from which we began the steps in cynology - the English Bulldog named  BARNY  EXTREM  SILU TAURAS, purchased in 2001.
        Whereas, the gradual fascination and interest in any covered family members, decided to purchase other puppy breeds.
        Currently, in our kennel  lives English Bulldog, Shih Tzu  and Yorkshire Terrier.

All of this variety is its exclusive and special character.

Kennel was founded in 2008.


Owner Vanda Terese Dmitrijeva
Tel. +370603 13269,  +370604 19221,

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We love  nature, animals too. In the childhood in our places always lived different animals, from small fishes, parrots, different vermins and even  kittens.
All this time my dream remained to get a great dog, but this  possibility could be if we was living in suburbs. After our decision about life somewhere off town, our other was about our new home guardian. Then everything began, in my words – relations with dogs. So the choise was simple, because that we was needed for a familly friend and guardian we  chose German Shepherd.


2005 in February have got the female of German Shepherd TOJA SARMAS, and in two years also the male of  breed Vostochno Evropejskaja Ovcharka - NATTAS IS GARGZDU which became the Young Champion and Champion of Lithuania.

It is based in 2008.

Owner of kennel:
Zita Dargviliene
tel; +370699 81861;

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Kennel engaged in the cultivation of these breeds: Schnauzer (pepper and salt) and the Russian Toy .Kennel founded by a veterinarian doctor Kestutis Petravicius and cynologic Daiva Petraviciene. Our first steps dogs training began in 1992 when studying veterinary speciality at the Lithuanian Veterinary Academy, and then we decided to purchase a German Boxer - Irita VAIVORYKSTĖS ĮLANKA(Telma) .1993 has bought Schnauzer BANTA SAITAS.
We were impresed of our new friend, because it is playful, loves children, incorruptible, quiet dog. It is sensible dog with well developed organs and mind, easily trained, fearless, and weather resistance. So that gives him all the qualities to be a great family friend and companion.

In 2007, Russia decided to bring the Russian toy  Lukrecija Bordzia TALISMAN LIUBVI. This small, elegant girl impressed us with their funny character.

Kennel was founded in 1994.

Kennel „SILU ELFAS “
Owners Daiva& Kęstutis Petraviciai
tel: +370650 27303; +370699 46196

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